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  • Martyn Johnson

2022 - a Résumé

Things can only get better...

Markets Commentary

World population reaches 8 billion and global median age increases; lots more pensioners. Rishi Sunak is the PM at time of writing. Inflation finally abating. House prices falling. Merry Christmas.


Bad bits

  • Vladimir Putin’s ambitions result in thousands dead and many more homeless. I did not think he would do it and cannot understand his reasoning.

  • Soaring inflation and rising cost of living cause a global cost of living crisis with more than half of low-income countries in debt distress.

  • British public feels regret over Brexit.

  • Asset prices falling and volatility in financial markets.

  • Covid pandemic still impacts on poor countries.

  • The US and China competing economically (and in other ways) with other countries choosing sides.

  • My capacity for beer has reduced.

Good bits

  • The West unites with the NATO Allianz re-born to include Sweden and Finland.

  • Inflation coming under control.

  • President Xi starts to listen to his people.

  • Crypto / Bitcoin risk levels reinforced.

  • Globalisation has survived and will benefit world economies.

  • Markets offer opportunities.

  • I have lost weight.


A difficult year financially – and more than just difficult for the people of the Ukraine and many poorer nations. We have left Covid behind and the accelerated research put into combating it has produced many breakthroughs in fighting other ailments.

From a market perspective, markets are cyclical and we could well now be near to the bottom of the cycle.


World population according to UN at 8 billion and 9 billion in 15 years. In developed nations there are lots more pensioners with average age having risen 8 years since the last UN survey; expect lots of re-runs of Laurel & Hardy, I Love Lucy, Tom and Jerry etc.

Our best wishes for 2023.

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